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The remise is a creative space for promising meetings. Arrive, park the car free of charge in front of the house and enter the Auberge de Temple: It looks like a promising start to a busy day. Tailored to your needs you will find a meeting room for conferences and business meetings for up to 14 people. Furthermore you will find state-of-the-art equipment, an USB-compatible 65-inch screen, pin and magnetic boards  as well as free WIFI access. For further stimulation you can enjoy our magnificent southern terrace or Helbig’s Brain Food: Food for your overall wellbeing with rejuvenating impact during coffee breaks and lunch.

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You will hardly experience any lack of concentration, decline in output or fatigue attacks; our nutritious boosts evoke the contrary allowing you to focus and thus achieve best results. The Remise is also available for brief conferences and meetings.

Rental price: 150 €

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Please download our offers for conferences or contact us for a customized offer.

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  • 10.09.19 - 00:00


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    GENUSSWERKSTATT Grand Crû Champagner aus dem Hause Vranken Pommery begleitet von Caviar House Prunier

    Alle guten Dinge sind drei. Joachim Breisacher aus dem Hause Vranken Pommery, Felix Demmin von Caviar House Prunier und das ...
  • 28.09.19 - 09:30


    Der Kochkurs ist bereits ausgebucht – gerne setzen wir Sie auf die Warteliste. Sie lieben den Genuss von Hummer, Langusten ...

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