Room 2

Juhani Palmu
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If you are a guest in the Juhani-Palmu-Room you are able to experience the origins of the de Temple Collection first hand. Art works by the Finnish artist, acquired in 1998, Juhani Palmu form the basis of the collection which comprises 700 pieces. The view from the room is directed towards the Spessart and it is equipped with a comfortable boxspringbed, a barrier-free shower, bath tub and a daybed.

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Single Room: € 134  / Double room: 174 €

Additional children’s bed: € 30 is possible in room 1, 2, 7 & 8
(from the age of 6)

Dogs: 10 € are allowed in room 1 & 2
(Dogs are allowed in the Gasthaus but not at Helbigs)

Breakfast optional € 10 per person

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  • Reinschmecker-Arrangement Gourmet Special

    We will spoil you in our Gourmet Restaurant Helbigs with a 5-course dinner menu. You will spend an evening with delicacies and then find peace and gather new strength in our comfortable and tastefully furnished hotel rooms. After a wonderful and a big breakfast we say goodbye to you and we look forward to welcoming you again.

    The Gourmet Special includes:

    5-course menu at Helbigs Restaurant
    Accommodation in a double room

    Price: € 340 for 2 or € 193 for 1.

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