Jeunes Restaurateurs d`Europe

Germanys young top chefs
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Founded in 1991 the association of young German star chefs also feature Ludger and Nicole Helbig from the Auberge de Temple. The couple and their team meet the highest standards and spoil their guests with creativity, passion and craftsmanship. The association of Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe currently includes 71 establishments. Thereof the Helbigs shine with their star: Family-run with the individual atmosphere of the Auberge, even the promotion of young talent is not forgotten. In the hotel’s own elite school not only the future of the profession is nurtured, but every guest also feels welcome!

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“The union of young German top chefs, which was founded in Germany in 1991, currently comprises 71 restaurants with highest honors. The goal of everyone is to delight their discerning guests. The creativity, passion and craftsmanship is given to each of the individual members. They all realize that in their family-run and individually designed restaurants. Another important part of the association is also to promote  young talents. In their own elite school the future of the guild is secured. We would be pleased if you visited us on one of your trips through Germany. “